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We offer a full compliment of therapy-related services across a wide range of needs. Our goal is to provide you the resources you need to grow and thrive.

Getting better, together. 

Care at

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Care at The Mendery

Group Therapy

During the consultation, we will work together to understand what is troubling you and develop a plan to help you find relief and support your growth. Our underlying goal is almost always about increasing your resilience and improving your capacity to handle hard things—so you can live with more confidence, connection, and contentment.


Grief and Loss
LGBTQ Support
Life Transitions 


Our clients choose therapy for many reasons, ranging from:

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy Clinicians:

Couples Therapy Clinicians:

We often work with couples wanting to understand how their earliest relationships might influence their current relationship. Research shows we can change and heal our past wounds if our relationship with our partner is safe and secure. Whatever brings you in for couples therapy, we will support your relationship as you discover what brings greater joy, intimacy, and safety between you and your partner.

Extended Family
Same Fight-No Resolution
LGBTQ Affirming

Past Relationships

We help all couples (non-married, married, soon-to-be married) repair and strengthen their connections to each other. Common challenges couples face:

Couples Therapy

Family Therapy Clinician:

We believe parents are experts on their children, and therefore, an essential member of the treatment team. Collaboration with parents is ongoing and together we will create a plan to help relieve distress and build upon the skills existing within each family. Our underlying goal is to help your child be more resilient and increase the joy and connection in your family. 

New Diagnosis (physical or psychological)
Transition to College and Beyond
Parenting Support


Sometimes families face changes and/or challenges and need an outsider’s expertise and support. We work together to support the whole family, including parent(s), children/adolescents, and emerging adults. Some common concerns are:

Family Therapy

Play Therapy Clinicians:

During the intake, your therapist will work together with caregivers to understand the concerns and goals you have for your child. The goal of play therapy is to give children a safe space to express themselves and help caregivers better understand and communicate with their children. Play therapy can help your child live a happier, more confident life!

family transitions

Social Stress
behavioral difficulties

Play therapy is a form of therapy for children that uses a language understandable to them - PLAY! Play is a natural form of expression for children and play therapy uses the therapeutic power of play to help them resolve psychological difficulties and move towards positive development and growth. Common challenges children face: 

Play Therapy

Group Therapy Clinician:

Join us in a safe and supportive environment to discuss issues of grief and loss related to the death of a loved one. Whether your loss is recent or from the distant past, this therapeutic group is a place for you to learn how to grow and heal from one of life's greatest challenges. This is an open group, for ages 18 and above. 

Time and Day: Thursdays at 3:30pm 
Location: In-person

Facilitator: Alyssa Strenger, PSYD

Living with Loss

Group therapy is helpful for a broad range of challenges and lets you know you are not alone in your pain. We offer a variety of groups, all of which help you find relief from your suffering, learn about yourself in new ways, and relate to others with similar challenges. Sign up for our newsletter to hear about upcoming groups at The Mendery.

Group Therapy


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YOU are welcome here. Your style of communicating is welcome here. Your ways of regulating are welcome here. Your sensory needs are welcome here. This gathering of like-minded individuals is not about trying to change you into someone you are not but instead to expand the strengths and desires you have and deepen your sense of connection with others who "get you." Support needs: executive functioning, sensory processing, emotional regulation, communication, connection. Focus on strength/superpowers. Be your true autistic self, this group is not about change, but connection. This group is for people diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder between the ages of 18-25. 

Meetings: We will determine our meeting day and time once receive interest in the group.

Facilitator: Alyssa Strenger, PSYD

Autistic Young Adult Group

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We foster a therapeutic relationship that is focused on helping you discover more joy, connection, and meaning in your life.

We believe connection is the foundation of hope and change. Research has shown that a strong relationship, or therapeutic alliance, is one of the best predictors of successful therapy. 

Rooted in Connection 

emotionally focused therapy
existential therapy

psychodynamic therapy
person centered therapy

We root our therapy in the science of attachment and interpersonal neurobiology, and we use various therapy modalities including:

Backed by Science

From the beginning, we work together to develop a care plan tailored to you and that evolves with you as you grow and change. 

Tailored to You